We offer both wholesale and custom products and would love to work with you!

Wholesale: Available to any retailer with or without a physical storefront who will be re-selling items. Wholesale pricing is 50% off retail and we require a $300+ initial order with $200+ in repeat orders. Items available match what is available on our website and we will email with all new seasonal releases. Most wholesale orders are ready within 1-2 weeks and can be shipped, delivered locally in Columbus or picked up in Groveport. To place a wholesale order, please email us at oliverootsllc@gmail.com. 

Custom: We offer two custom product options:
Option One: A fully custom scent and label. This process typically takes 2-4 months from start to finish. We ask you what your ideal scent would smell like and then create 3-5 blends that you can test and pick from. There is an upfront custom scent cost, but this is a one time fee and once you create the scent, you can re-order it at anytime in the future. We can either design the label or print a label you design. This option is great for customers who want their own custom scent for example home builders, boutiques, restaurants, etc. 
Option Two: You choose one of our scents and we custom label it. This process typically takes 2-6 weeks from start to finish. Any scents on our website are available to use and we are happy to send testers if interested. There is no custom scent fee for this choice. We can either design the label or print a label you design. This option is great for those with a tighter timeline, relators, client gifts, bridal/wedding/baby shower/graduation gifts, etc.

For more information about wholesale or custom orders, please email us at oliverootsllc@gmail.com!